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SEO Frequent Asked Questions

Startup Edition

It’s no secret that in this day and age if you want your startup to get noticed you have to have a great online presence.

The best way to build that presence is with SEO.

SEO works to improve your website’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs). That means more organic website traffic and ultimately more sales or new clients.

SEO is a scalable, reliable inbound marketing tactic that serves as the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy.

Our SEO services work in unison to improve your site’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

First and foremost, better search rankings come from content marketing. Backed by an in-depth SEO strategy that couples keyword research with SEO audit results, we produce high quality, informative content that draws in organic traffic.

Additionally, our content team is dedicated to making content that drives value for readers and builds your brand reputation.

From there, our digital PR services come in to build backlinks which improve your domain authority. Then, with local SEO to improve your local search rankings and technical SEO to fix site errors, your website will be moving up SERPs in no time.

That depends. Now, most SEO agencies would probably say you should always go with SEO, but we believe honesty is the best policy. The fact is SEO is not always the right strategy for young start-ups.

SEO works best when a company knows its products, services, differentiators, and story very well. Then, SEO can come in and bring inbound leads, build brand awareness, and help make your start-up a well-oiled machine.

If your start-up is still evolving and plans on pivoting multiple times, it’s often better to go with social media. Social media can be DIY, per se, saving time and money for a start-up and is easily editable if your start-up needs to change its offerings.

On the other hand, SEO is for companies who know how they make money and want to take their time to build something lasting and strong.

For the full SEO toolbox including digital PR, SEO content, technical SEO, local SEO, and monthly reporting, it will cost you anywhere between $1500 and $2500 per month.

Start-ups need to build a strong foundation if they want to succeed—and that’s just what SEO can do for your business.

Creating a base of quality content is really step one to establishing your brand and online presence. That being said, SEO isn’t always the right investment for a startup.

As an SEO company, we need to work with start-ups that know what they do.

If you’re a startup that is thinking about pivoting 8x times before finding a market fit, you might be better off investing in social media.

So, is SEO a good fit for your start-up? Feel free to contact us or give us a call at (385) 273-6599 and find out.



Our SEO services

Keyword Research

Despite all of the advancements in search engine algorıthms, those algorithms still rely heavily on text-based content to rank pages. Thus, keywords are as important today as they have ever been.

Competitor Analysis

No organization can succeed online by operating in a vacuum. Organızatıons need to know what their competitors are doing and how they are performing in the grand scheme of the industry as a whole.

Content Development

The most desirable keywords are of little use if a website does not offer content that people wish to consume. This means SEO must include a significant focus on developing quality content that utilizes the most important keywords.

On-Site/Technical SEO

What a website visitor sees on screen represents just a small portion of what Google analyzes in order to rank websites. There are a lot of elements under the hood, elements that play a vital role in search engine performance.

Link Building

Strong backlinks are crucial to SEO performance in the sense that they add credibility and authority, two things that are important to Google algorithms.

Local Citations

A wise person once said that all politics are local. Whether or not that’s true, we do know that all business starts locally. As such, local citations embedded in website content can improve local searches drastically.

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